Saturday, June 25, 2011

Coffee love


One of the first thoughts to cross my mind when I was diagnosed with diabetes was "Oh no! Can I still drink coffee?!?"

Answer: YES. Coffee and tea have essentially no carb content! (Just don't drink too much, because excessive caffeine dehydrates your body, which will lead to high blood sugars.)

Ahhh.. sweet relief. I'll be honest, I HAVE to have my daily bit of caffeine, and that usually comes in the form of a cup of high quality, dark roast coffee. (Fortunately, I've never liked pop/soda.. and that's definitely out). I also love tea, so on days that I miss my morning coffee, I usually end up with a cup of tea in hand by 10 a.m. 

While I'm usually content with my one cup of tea or coffee per day, and that being sugar-free or just lightly sweetened, sometimes a girl's gotta have something purely delightful... such as a cappuccino. Even after learning that I could still have coffee, I was convinced that I'd kissed the cappuccino days goodbye.

Until this:

I may have done a slight "happy dance" over this. Did you know... a cappuccino made with low-fat milk and sugar free syrup is, on average, only 9-12 carbs? Most specialty coffee shops, like my personal favorite, Stoney Creek Roasters, offer a variety of flavors of sugar free syrups. In fact, even McDonalds has vanilla sugar free syrup!

Sometimes, I still mourn the loss of the days when I could drink a large mocha shake without fear or shame. But with artificial sweeteners once again to the rescue, I'm so excited that there are quite satisfying alternatives.

Diabetics, rejoice. You can still have your capp and drink it too. 

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